Commercial and Construction Security

Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Whether you’re in a big office building with many different people coming in and out, or a construction site that is an easy target for thieves looking to make quick money, Sandman Security can help keep your employees, and your assets, safe.

Commercial Security

The office can be a stressful environment. Our guards can help reduce this stress by providing protective services for your employees. Whether you need an individual at the front desk to check people in and out of the building, or you require someone on hand to deal with potential workplace discord, we have the guards with the experience and training needed to make sure that everyone is secure, and that potential disruptions don’t get out of hand.

Sandman Security also offers protective services for corporate events on or off the premises. Whatever the occasion, our guards can help keep it running smoothly, so employees can remain safe and distraction-free.

Construction Security

Theft and vandalism are all too common for construction sites. Sandman can provide a security detail to ensure the integrity of the site and the safety of all your assets, from raw materials to power tools to employee vehicles. Whether you require full 24 hour surveillance or an overnight detail, we can give you the protection you need at the level you require.

We know how costly any setback can be for construction. Sandman will help you keep your project on track, and your equipment where it should be.